Threats to national integration

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national chapter draws upon that analysis to address a core element. This article throws light upon the ten major threats to national integration of India. The threats are: 1. Communalism 2. Sectarianism 3. Casteism 4. Linguism 5. Regionalism 6. Economic Differences 7. Dirty Politics 8.

National Integration of India: 10 Major Threats

Terrorism 9. Student Unrest Lack of Good and Committed Leadership or Shameful Leadership.

National Integration of India: 10 Major Threats

Threat to National Integration # 1. Regionalism is a major challenge to the National Integration of our country. Disintegration is a malady and it is the result of a great hiatus between needs and resources, claims and realities, profession and practice.

National Integration is the feeling of togetherness or oneness towards one’s own country irrespective of their individual differences with regard to religion, region, race, culture or caste.

India is a multi-racial and multilingual country. THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY Definition: Our national security is a state or condition where our most cherished values and beliefs, our democratic way of life, our institutions of governance and our unity, welfare and lack of national integration and international issues.

6. The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is a threat. Threats to National Security of Pakistan: An Analysis National security is the major concern of every state and it is the government’s responsibility to ensure its internal and external security in accordance with its national interests.

Threats to national integration
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