Health hazards of deforestation

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Climate Effects on Health

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Disease & Deforestation: The Cost of Coffee in Madagascar

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Post your claims about the article in the opportunities section below. Deforestation also bears significant links to climate change. Under normal circumstances, forests help stabilize the climate by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Trees require carbon dioxide to manufacture carbohydrates, which feed the trees and contribute to tree structure, and, indirectly, to produce oxygen. Deforestation increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to global warming due to green house effect.

Silting of Rivers and Dams – Deforestation causes large scale deposition of sediments in the rivers.

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Oct 21,  · In todays world, the physical demand on this earth has become a potential environmental hazard. Deforestation, one of these physical demands, has been a growing problem for over the last several decades, especially in the Amazon rainforest.

Marine health hazards in South-east Asia: G C Sosmena Taiwan, the East China Sea and the Japan Sea. During the north monsoon, the Kuroshio is de- flected into the China Sea.

The Mindanao Current flows south-east at a speed of one or two knots along the coast of Mindanao Island with its main part entering the Celebes Sea through the straits. May 15,  · It has been realized that United States is the most developed nation in the world that is why it has the capability to establish numerous facilities that helps to protect and empower the status of the environment to prevent ecological hazards such as the presence of deforestation.

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Harmful Effects Of Deforestation Health hazards of deforestation
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Hazards Of Deforestation