Health care finanical terms

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Glossary of Key Health Care Finance Terms Gross Charges (Revenue) – Total Patient Revenue generated (price x quantity) Deductions from Revenue – Amount of gross charges not collected due to - uncompensated care – charity and bad debt - contractual allowances – difference between charges and payments for all payers Net Patient Service Revenue – total amount of cash collected from.

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Glossary of Hospital Financial Terms. Washington State Department of Health Accounting and Reporting Manual for Hospitals Glossary. A health care, or other organization consisting of a group of two or more facilities which are owned, leased or, through any.

Financial Environment of Health Care Organizations simple terms, this is the essence of financial viability. Figure 3–1 Financial Environment of Health Care Organizations _CH03__ 10/11/06 PM Page largely from Blue Cross, commercial insurance carri.

In today’s healthcare environment, where financial realities play an important in financial terms, of economic events that reflect provide to interested parties, both internal and external, useful information about an organization’s operations and financial status.

Healthcare Finance Provider An organization that provides healthcare. Examine the health care sector and learn about significant financial ratios used by investors and analysts to evaluate health care companies. Key Financial Ratios to Analyze The Healthcare.

Health care finanical terms
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